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The „Villa Neretva Glavaticevo“ is situated 30 km off the city of Konic (44.000 inhabitants) within the small town of Glavaticevo by the right riverbank of the Neretva river. The distance to the airport of Sarajevo (capitol of of Bosnia-Herzegovina, 515.000 inhabitants) is 80 km.

The „Villa Neretva Glavaticevo“ welcomes guests all around the year and offers single-, double- or three-bed rooms, bungalows and apartments. The interior design is traditional and the meals range from local to international kitchen. The organic ingredients are locally sourced. For more information visit the home page of „Villa Neretva Glavaticevo“.

Internet, car park and swimming pool are free to use. If you are inclined you can book additional trips. Rafting on the Neretva river, trips to the canyons of the Neretva and the Rakitnica, hiking tours and safari tours with off-road vehicles are offered.

The team of the „Villa Neretva Glavaticevo“ has many years of experience with guests from all over the world and will strive to make your stay an unforgettable experience.

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